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Port information


Geographical locations

Lat. 17º 38' S
Long 71º 21' O

Infuence zone

Communication routes

Navigation aids

Port Settlement: 8 hrs and 10 minutes.
Tidal Amplitude during syzygies: .09m
Average of tidal amplitude: 0.7m
Anchorage places: Can be done at front of the port. The best anchoring can be done in waters from 24 meters to 750 meters of distance since freight platform head.
Lighthouses: Besides the Punta Coles lighthouse, which specifically is for navigation, exits other flashes signals which light the entry and outlet from the Southern Peru freight platform. The ENAPU freight platform has a stationary red light of navigation, with luminous power from 16.5 cd., 3 miles of reaching, located in the extreme of freight platform at one height of 8.20 m. over the average of Low Tides.

Port facilities

Freight Platform for Direct Traffic Jam of Ships: Size 302m. long and 27m. wide and 5 mts high.
Moorings: Has 4 moorings:

1-A: South Side
1-B: North Side
1-C: South Side
1-D: North Side
Warehouses: A warehouse, with ceiling 1,600 sq. Meters.
Free Zone: In an asphalting area of 18,000 sq. Meters and compressed of 15,500 sq. Meters.
Floating Material
* tugboat of 500 HP.