Iquitos /

Port information

The Iquitos Port is located between the western brook of the Amazonas River and Padre Island which is at 1.5 km of distance and parallel to the brook.
Iquitos is at 106m. above the sea level. It is accessible to ships of 4m. of draft in any time. There is a current with speed from 4 to 5 knots. The level of all water increases to 11 or 12m. during the rains.

Geographical locations

Lat. 3º 47' S
Long 73º 17' O

Infuence zone

The influence zone comprises the region of Alto Amazonas, Maynas, Coronel Portillo, Requena, Ucayali, Chachapoyas, Bagua, Luya, Bongara, Pucallpa, Yurimaguas.

Communication routes

There is route by the Amazonas River, it is for a large zone of Loreto, through affluents and strands. There is fluvial communication with the Ecuador country through the Napo river and with Brazil through the Amazonas river, with Yurimaguas city through Huallaga and Marañon rivers, with Pucallpa city through Ucayali river.

Airport: It has an air service of itinerary with Lima city and other cities of the coast.

Navigation aids

Port facilities

Freight Platform Nº 1.- 87.87m. long and 9m (1). wide.
Freight Platform Nº 2.- 60m. long.
Moorings: 2 moorings.
Warehouses: There are 10 warehouses. The main warehouse is for general loading of import, whose area is of 3,400 sq. meters, area of other warehouses is approximately 400 sq. Meters each one.