Paita /

Port information

Paita is a modern terminal located in Piura city, and is the first important port on the way to the South Pacific. It has been built in 1996 as Direct Traffic Jam Terminal by the firm George Wimpey & Co. Ltd.

Geographical locations

Lat. 5º 05' S
Long 81º 07' O

Infuence zone

The Sea terminal of Paita, located in Piura city, Paita Province and the District of Paita, is for 33,000 sq. Kilometers with a population near to 916,000 habitants. This influence area comprises the provinces of Piura: Ayabaca, Huancabamba, Morropón, Paita and Sullana. Also, it could be considered the provinces of Tumbes: Contralmirante Villar and Zarumilla.

In it's influence zone this terminal serves 399 industrial locates and 164 business locates with more than 5 employees each one of them and engaged in the wholesale and retail business.

Communication routes

This terminal is joined to the Piura city through a paving highway (56 kms) which connects to the Panamericana Highway. There is another highway which connects the terminal to Sullana city, 60 kilometers of distance at the Northeast.

Navigation aids

Port Settlement: 3 hrs. and 26 hrs.
Tidal Amplitude during syzygies: 1.5m
Average of tidal amplitude: 1.17m
Anchorage places: It can be done at the front of the port over good bottom for the anchoring, of mud and sand with depth between 13 and 18m.
The anchoring of ships can be made at 1.2 km. To the north of the traffic jam freight platform.

Port facilities

Traffic Jam Freight Platforms: size 365m. long and 36m. wide, built with reinforced concrete and defenses of wood piles with rubber dampers.
Mooring: There are four for ships from large sea-going: 2 of 200m. long each one and 2 of 165 m long each one. It has 31 bitts distributed into the four moorings.
Draft: It can be attended ships that draft until to 9.5m.
Access Highway to the port Area: Length 1,200m. and connects the port area to the main highway.
Warehouses: There are four areas which are duly paving with a total area of 16 thousands sq. Meters.
Submarine Piping: For the loading and unloading of oil and byproducts with a length 650m.
Drinking Water Supply: Freight platform has six intakes of drinking water, three to each side.
Floating Material:

A tugboat, "Chira River" 850 HP.
A tugboat, "El Paiteño", pushing type of 360 HP.
A boat, "Piurana" of 60 HP.