Pisco /

Port information

The Sea Terminal of General San Martin (Pisco) is located in Paracas Bay, to 277Km from Lima south, in a place called Punta Pejerrey, Pisco Department.

Geographical locations

Lat. 13º 48' 00
Long 76º 17' 20

Infuence zone

The influence area of Pisco comprises the provinces of Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Cusco and Apurímac.

Communication routes

From Lima to 264Km. From Pisco to 36Km by highway. By sea route it is connected from Callao port to 122 miles. The nearest airport is in Callao and for emergency cases is available the Corpac Airport.

The Vial interconnection: Port of Pisco (San Martin) has access to Pisco city through a highway with two ways of 32Km. Long., which is connected with Panamericana South and has access to the mains cities of Huancavelica and Ayacucho departments through Los Libertadores way.

Navigation aids

Port facilities

Freight Platform.- For direct traffic jam of ships of marginal type. Built with reinforced concrete and steel piles. Size 700m long. And 20m wide.
Moorings: Has 4 moorings with 175m length each.

• 1-A
• 1-B
• 1-C
• 1-D
Warehouses: The sea terminal has a capacity of 161,000 Tons of cargo, having following available areas:

• Warehouse Nr. 1.- 3,060 m2 10,000TN
• Warehouse Nr. 2.- 3,060 m2 10,000TN
• Warehouse Nr. 3.- 3,060 m2 10,000TN

• Zone Nr. 1.- 4,190m2 8,000TN
• Zone Nr. 2.- 4,885m2 10,000TN
• Zone Nr. 3.- 7,847m2 15,000TN
• Zone Nr. 4.- 5,071m2 10,000TN
• Zone Nr. 5.- 18,708m2 40,000TN
• Zone Nr. 6.- 20,574m2 43,000TN
• Zone Nr. 7.- 2,574m2 5,000TN
Other zones:

• Warehouse of materials 506m2
• Maintenance place 144m2
• Balance office 33m2