Salaverry /

Port information

The Sea Terminal is located in La Libertad department, Trujillo province, district of Salaverry. This port is situated to 560Km from Lima city and 12km from Trujillo.

Geographical locations

Lat. 08º 13' 27" S
Long 78º 58' 52" O

Infuence zone

The influence area of Salaverry comprises the provinces of Trujillo (Casagrande, Cartavio, Laredo) Ancash, Lambayeque, La Libertad, Cajamarca, San Martín, Lima (Paramonga) and Arequipa (Chucarapi).

Communication routes

The Panamericana highway passes the Salaverry Port. By sea route it is connected from Callao port to 255 miles. To 20km from Trujillo there is an airport.

Navigation aids

Channel of Entry
LONG: 700 MTS.
WIDE: 250 MTS.
DRAFT: 32'

Port facilities

Freight Platform.- Breakwater type with two mooring for freight platform. Built with reinforced concrete. It is able to attend large sea and pilotage ships.

Freight Platform Nr 1.- Size 225m. long and 25m. wide.
Freight Platform Nr 2.- Size 230m. long and 30m. wide.

Average of depth of freight platform: 4,5m.

Electric power: Supply by Hidro Andina with installed capacity of 410 Kw.


• Warehouse Nr. 1.- 2,333 m2 5,000TN
• Warehouse Nr. 2.- 2,145 m2 5,000TN

• Zone Nr. 1.- 2,172m2 2,900TN
• Zone Nr. 2.- 750m2 1,500TN
• Zone Nr. 3.- 10,176m2 17,900TN
• Zone Nr. 4.- 1,440m2 1,500TN
• Zone Nr. 5.- 6,000m2 9,000TN
• Zone Nr. 6.- 19,782m2 25,000TN

• Silo Sugar 7,200m2 60,000TN